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In addition to pioneering a novel bio-based surfactant, IBC has pioneered a new sustainability protocol as well, one that takes into account not only a product’s origin, but also its eventual fate.

We’re calling it:

The C-EJP is a simple way to evaluate a product or ingredient’s overall sustainability.

A C-EJP evaluation consists of two simple questions:
+ Where did you come from?
+ Where did you go?

More than ever, consumers and investors are asking about product origin. Was this product made from sustainable carbon sources, or are we depleting nonrenewable resources?

A simple way of measuring a product’s origin is through the Renewable Carbon Index. RCI measures sustainability by dividing the number of carbons derived from renewable sources by the total number of carbons in an active ingredient. A high RCI surfactant, for example, contains a high percentage of carbon atoms from natural sources. TegraSurf boasts RCI scores of at least 65%, and as high as 95%+.


It is not enough to evaluate a product’s origin, though. We must also take a look at it’s fate. In other words, how long does this product stick around in the environment after its use? Ideally, a product should be undetectable in the environment once it has served its purpose.

The gold standard for this measurement is the OECD 301B test, which measures biodegradability. Lucky for us, TegraSurf passed the test with flying colors. 90 days after use, TegraSurf is completely undetectable in the environment.


These two quick questions provide a great snapshot of a product’s overall sustainability profile. If a product is made from renewable sources and disappears back into the environment after use, that’s a product that can be made and used in perpetuity - without damaging our one planet.

IBC is first-to-market with a line of novel bio-based surfactants that are built with the Cotton-Eyed Joe Protocol in mind. Best of all, these surfactants have a broad HLB range and are highly tunable to meet a variety of needs.

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