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Bio-renewable chemistry designed for the health of every person and our one planet.

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For years, sustainable chemicals have had a hard time achieving wide adoption, and for good reason: they’re more expensive, harder to get, and often don’t perform as well as their less sustainable counterparts. And if they aren’t being widely used, how much of a difference are they actually making?

IBC’s specialty chemicals are designed to be used across the globe. Our unique bio-based surfactants are capable of faster production cycles at larger scales and lower costs. Not only that, but they outperform traditional synthetics across a variety of metrics.


Sustainable chemistry that’s effective, affordable, and scalable?

What a concept.

Industrial and Institutional

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In industrial and institutional markets, performance and cost are non-negotiable. Now, responsible corporations are looking for more sustainable ingredients as well. TegraSurf is a highly bio-based surfactant, designed to replace bad actors while improving product performance. TegraSurf is a non-ionic surfactant that’s highly tunable and made with ingredients that come from a diverse and stable supply chain.

  • RCI (Renewable Carbon Index) >60%
  • High production capacity
  • Soluble in oil and water
  • Can be blended with other surfactants as a performance enhancer.

Personal Care and Detergents

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Unlike other bio-based surfactants which are often slow to make and prohibitively expensive, we build ours in the lab using plentiful resources that are readily biodegradable. This results in a surfactant that is non-irritating, sustainable, affordable, and highly tunable for a variety of formulations.

  • RCI (Renewable Carbon Index) >93%
  • High water solubility
  • Non-irritating to skin and eyes
  • Sustainable production method avoids hazardous catalysts

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